Donna Summer sings "Bad Girls" a capella

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I’ve never been able to get past her comment that AIDs was God’s punishment of gay men for just being gay. Gay men had been her biggest fans up till then, as she knew - but she kicked us in the face with her bigotry.

So - she may have had some good qualities on the side, sometimes. But what a hateful and ignorant woman she was to gay men.


Religion is such a mofo. So many great people you know and love can’t escape its clutches.

After all of this time in 2020 there’s still no proof that she said what she’s been accused of saying. Yet people (gay males in particular) periodically pop up on a Donna Summer related article, video, etc. bringing up what she, supposedly, said. Even though she publicly said she would never say something like that. The alleged comment still gets put out there by people who have no proof. Do people have to be accused of something they did not do and constantly deny it all of their life in order for them to see what it feels like for others they’ve accused?

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There’s really nothing wrong with religion unless it causes someone to cause harm to another person. Throughout history, that has been the case but it’s not because of religion in and of itself. It’s due to one’s interpretation and understanding of the religion they practice, thinking and believing that it’s okay to hurt, marginalize, dehumanize, ostracize or do anything else that is the opposite of loving and treating others as self.


I’ve definitely come to appreciate the sense of hope it gives others, it’s just frustrating at times what can happen when science and religion clash, or when ancient texts are used to justify homophobic bigotry

I totally understand what you’re saying.

For the record, Donna Summer totally rules

Edited: Also not to spam, but listen to this it has some great synth sounds

For example around 1:06 that is some phase sync fuckery

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