Don't F with car designers

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Man, the idea of “and we’ve been filling your car with gasoline for months!” being the punchline to a humiliating and enraging prank. The before times.


The long con.


The story may well be true as told, but I’ve heard different variations of it over time from different sources so it’s hard to know what’s real.

For example here’s one about a guy with a Volvo:

And here’s another version some guy on a message board apparently heard from his uncle:

And here’s one from an episode of Car Talk. (A Fiat this time):


Oooooo, this story is kick-ass, that they started syphoning gas out is master class fuckery!!!

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A similar “benefit as a prank” tale in my clan is about a guy that lived in the country and had a long driveway. He wouldn’t shut up about about this newfangled machine he acquired that would remove snow. The thought of having a machine take care of the backbreaking job of shoveling wind-driven, hard packed snow was all this guy could talk about. (Snowblowers for average Joe’s were a new thing in the Midwest of the 60’s).

A few dustings had happen but, at last, the forecast called for serious snow and he informed anyone who would listen about the marvel he was about to realize and, that night, the snow came. The next morning he bundles up, goes into the garage, and gets ready to put his new wonder-machine through its paces. He opens the garage door to find a thick blanked of snow everywhere… except his driveway. His overly energetic co-workers had came over in the middle of the night and cleaned it all off.


These pranks were downright criminal and shouldn’t be celebrated.

They were blatantly GASLIGHTING those poor fellows!


Reminds me of a flashback scene from King of the Hill when a teenage Bill and Dale suggest “borrowing” their friend Boomhaur’s muscle car for a joyride and the straight-laced Hank suggests taking the prank a step further:

And you know what would be even more fun? If after we drive it, we fill it with gas, so the next time Boomhauer uses it, he’s like “How’d that happen?”


This prank was also a minor plot line in CHiPs The Watch Commander (Season 3, Episode 11)

Why I remember that, I have no idea.


A variation also appeared on M*A*S*H, where Hawkeye started tailoring Major Winchesters trousers, making him think he was losing and then gaining weight. The punchline came at the end of the show when he was asked what’s next, and he replied “Starting next week, he’s getting taller.”


In Roald Dahl’s The Twits, the vindictive husband makes his wife think she’s got a bad case of “the shrinks” by gradually making her cane longer and chair taller.


When the first iPad launched our Creative Director announced he was off to the Apple Store to pick up his which he had ordered in advance. A quick screenshot from the Apple site, colour printer and foamcore board and everyone in the studio had one sitting on their desk when he returned.

His face…


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