Don't go fishing with a gun; use your crossbow instead

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These guys use a bow and arrow successfully:

Really, the whole video – and the whole channel – is incredible. But you can skip to 7min to see the ridiculous fishing.


Noodling is right - if you’re stupid enough to fish with a gun, then certainly you’re stupid enough to stick your arm into a dark hole under the river bank in the hopes that a big catfish will bite it.


spearfishing has entered the chat…


That’s a pretty big crossbow if you can put a spear on it.



We live along a pretty big marsh/wetland I hate seeing people standing along the marsh with big compound bows shooting carp. It would be one thing if they were targeting fish for dinner but they are just killing for the sake of killing and they just leave the dead fish laying there.


I’m sure that the lake appreciated the extra lead, at least; so the situation has that going for it.


Take a moment and consider how far he had to go with that handgun before he did something illegal in America.

He bought it in a store, no questions asked. Bought and installed a laser sight on it. Carried it around in his car. It’s loaded this entire time, with extra ammo and clips, all stored together at all times. Nothing is locked up. He took it out in public and carried it around, ending up at the fishing hole. He shot it at the water.

Only now has he done something illegal in America. Every single step in that above journey was illegal in virtually every other country. In America you can do anything with a handgun except shoot it at water because that might hurt someone. That is the fucking line in the sand.

Where to even begin.


You can pollute the water with all kinds of dangerous heavy metals. The Venn diagram with Pollution and Guns crosses at the point where it happens quickly.


That might bother me less in some places, such as where carp are an enormous, invasive problem.



ah. these guys seem pretty young for it, but obviously saw the same movie as myself back in 1972.

A whole lot of the IDAT video I linked is about their invasiveness and what steps the Australian government is taking about it, like putting a Golden Ticket in some carp to encourage people to fish them.

Or they just saw indigenous people around the world


call me ignorant cause it didnt even cross my mind, despite being kinda obvious. thank you. :grin:


Yes, and don’t forget spear fishing!

I did a lot of casual bow shooting in the back yard when I was in MS/HS (until it started to aggravate my wrists). I wanted to go bow fishing, but everywhere around where I lived was muddy ponds or lakes. Other than tiny shiners near the shore, you couldn’t really find fish for that. You need places with running or clear water, like Wilson Lake. I am not sure if bow hunting was legal in Kansas back then or not. I think it was.

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Didn’t Mythbusters show that shooting handguns into water is pointless? The bullet loses most of its energy at the water’s surface.

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So this is out?

You gotta pump those numbers up


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The father of a friend lost the fingers on one hand as a youth, while trying to fish with dynamite…

When we were stupid kids 40 years ago most fireworks were illegal in Michigan but not in Ohio.

We used to get a hold of M80s and M150s with waterproof wicks. Those were way different back then, crazy loud and destructive.

The trick was to hold it and time it to explode just under the water to get really cool fountains.

I was a baby and refused to hold it, just light it and toss it. I had a buddy that I’m still amazed he never lost a hand, he would hold it for way too long.

Really is amazing we all survived.