Doomed Russian gecko sex rocket makes for the week's best headlines




And in time, when the great ships appear in our skies and our cities fall to the Mutant Gecko Overlords and their Drosophila minions, we will rue the day we meddled in affairs which Humankind Was Never Meant To, Erm, Meddle In.


Sex study shows reptile dysfunction in zero-G.




This fellow is making an impassioned plea to NASA for a rescue mission.




He appears to be solely interested in terrestrial vehicles


Isn’t five an odd number? I wonder if there’s one lonely gecko left out, or if they make a pair and a threesome, or…


My guess: 1 male, 4 females


I’m surprised they didn’t go even further, such as:
Gecko Group Sex Satellite Fails to Re-Enter, Frustrates Research Staff

Or for some pulp feel:
Mutiny in Space: fueled by lust, cavorting lizards refuse to return to Earth.



(also, what gives bb? I can’t make single word repliessssssss?)


Gecko Orgy Too Hot for the Satellite Bots?


So Close!


2 and 3 might make more sense for redundancy in case of problems getting up


Stray Schismatic Sex Satellite Strands Spunkonauts


This is all well and good, but what happens when they all come back on their own, with their progeny, with malice in their hearts, and human experimentation on their minds?


Has science gone too far? Behold our future:


I gotta go with Xeni’s ‘Russian lizard sex rocket’ on the main page, which has been changed above to ‘gecko sex rocket’.
Go with lizard Xeni. Let’s not beat about the bush here.


How about: “Lizardly Lust Runs Rampant on Russian Rocket” ?