Sex in space is serious business, scientists report

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and develop and disseminate inseminate best practice approaches

The Finbarr Saunders in me couldn’t resist, sorry.


Of any reason for building a gravity restoring carousel on a space ship should we be greatly surprised if this turns out to be in the top three? (artificial gravity / 2001 film carousel)

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Sex in a carousel aboard a spaceship might be technically sex in space, and it’s sort of equivalent to the people who have sex in airplanes (the Hundred-Mile High Club?): they do it because it’s unusual. But – assuming the carousel provides a full 1G equivalent, it wouldn’t be that different from sex on the ground. At that point, it’s purely about location (*); the desire to say that you have boldly cum where no man (or woman) has cum before.

What no one has (officially) tried yet is sex in micro-gravity, which would actually be a fully novel experience. I’m with the people who say that “weightless” sex would probably be both impractical and unenjoyable (**). Nevertheless, you know that someone (or some two) wants to be the first.

(*) I assume that someone holds a record for “highest-altitude sex” or “sex in the fastest-moving vehicle”; there may be similar records for “deepest sex” (sex in a bathyscaphe, anyone?).

(**) Penetrative sex is probably challenging in microgravity, thanks to the buzzkill known as Newton’s Third Law. Other forms of sex might be easier to accomplish, and perhaps even pleasurable.

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I’m definitely blaming any erectile dysfunction on Newton’s Third Law in the vain hope my partner feels sorry for me and doesn’t ask me to explain it in any detail.


Becoming an astronaut requires a tremendous amount of discipline, and a healthy respect for proper procedure.

With that said, if I’m these people, at some point to my fellow crew members: “Hey, don’t y’all want to go to the flight deck for a while and talk amongst yourselves for a bit? We’ll just…be back here.”

Best. Honeymoon. EVER.

Edit: Bonus content: article on the same topic by former Boinger Maggie Koerth!


The traditional music makes it difficult.


“Cirocco liked space, reading, and sex, not necessarily in that order. She had never been able to satisfactorily combine all three, but two was not bad.”

― John Varley, Titan


When I read the words “sex in space”, in my head it was voiced by the same guy who did the “Pigs In Spaaaaaaace” Muppet Show voiceovers.

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