Doug DeMuro reviews the 1992 Geo Metro convertible

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Oh, craptastic!


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TLDW: Cheap tiny car is cheap and tiny, and annoying YT dipshit couldn’t figure out what an emergency plastic key was for.


Yoinks. So where do the cover/flaps bits go when it’s up? It seems like they’d just float around behind the seats and be a pain in the ass (or break somehow).

As a Miata owner, though, I kinda wish I had a trunk pass-thru of any type. The Mini Roadster has a great example with a little door that lays down.

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My favorite auto reviews are the one involving inexpensive, odd, and forgotten about cars like this one. His review of the Yugo and “Citicar” are pretty interesting too.

Doug did explain that they got put back in their original spots. But if you unconsciously tuned him out, I certainly wouldn’t blame you.


“Domestic Auto Manufacturer Offers Inexpensive, Fuel Efficient Convertible and Car Wonk Objects to it Being Inexpensive & Fuel Efficient” We can’t all afford McLarens guys. I bet there were a thousand people enjoying this car in the early 90s.


$1450 CAD on craigslist suburban Canada - available now. Safety 3rd

Wait… how does he know when now is?


It’s weird that I watched like 10 minutes of this despite knowing that I don’t want a car, definitely don’t want this car, couldn’t buy it anyway, and don’t find it interesting in itself.

I think it’s in that special zone of being so banal that it’s almost intriguing. Also it’s quite an upbeat blue color, and has that little rainbow squiggle decal that says “please buy me?”


This Demuro guy has this effect on me, too. I don’t even like cars. But something in his strange diction and his child-like enthusiasm is fascinating to me and I keep watching. On one occasion I got sucked into his YT channel and only succeeded in tearing myself away when I nearly fell asleep.

I really like it when he reviews some ridiculous or ugly car, those are the best.


Me, too. I don’t really like cars all that much. (I don’t have one and I don’t want one. Had one twenty years ago and sold it because I never drove it.) But for me Doug DeMuro is the perfect light and fluffy end of “excessively arcane knowledge” Youtube, my favourite genre. Of course I do not actually care how the ashtray in a random 80s Toyota worked. This sort of low-stakes curiosity is ideal for switching my brain off without being insulted by the content.


My driving instructor in high school had a Geo Metro (but the 2 door hatchback, not the convertible). He swore by the thing for its gas mileage. Claimed he consistently got over 50mpg in the city, which is better than most hybrids today.

So some thief can get into the trunk with a sharp knife?

Eh, probably no worse than pulling a trunk release lever.,

ah the geo metro coup, the actual “two door speck”

Sure. It’s all the things he pointed out, particularly unsafe and underpowered. But I still find it adorable and always have. Geo filled a particularly weird niche in the auto market, and the rebranded cars it chose were always weirdly interesting.

Well said!

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I wish Doug would edit his videos to be a bit tighter. It always feels like he has about seven or eight minutes of interesting things to talk about, but then keeps repeating himself to stretch it out to 24.