Down the Accented Star Wars Rabbit Hole

I don’t know if this is a “links” thing, or a “cycling” thing, but Saturday night, in the midst of Old Tom Gin Martinis, I went down the rabbit-hole of Star Wars and Star Trek done in regional accents. These are caricatures, of course, but they had me giggling. As an outsider to all these cultures, these seem to be “good-natured poking” and not bigotry. If I’m wrong I’ll happily delete this. But this seemed worth sharing.

I’ve put some of the Star Wars versions below. If you have a favorite local translation, list it in the comments.

“Jabba the Cockney Hut” focuses on slang and general attitude, and is much more of a “translation.”

“Derry Star Wars” speaks more to local politics:

Australian Star Wars is back to a cultural translation:

Same thing across the water, in New Zealand:

And, in Seacombe, Merseyside:

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I don’t speak German, but I assume this plays on some stereotypes of Köln-ers?

Yes. Except they aren’t stereotypes as such but how they see themselves. And mostly are.

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Ahh there was a great New Zealand one about decks and paint that went in an obvious, but still funny direction…

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