Dr Bronner's acid-dropping, Burner CEO profiled

I believe the catch-all “biohazard” would fit nicely.


We’ve used the castille soap at home to clean things like baby bottles and breastpump components.

The bottle still reads like a schizophrenic episode though.


Dr. Bronners Peppermint Soap has been around for decades and seemed like it gained wide popularity with hikers, campers, and canoeists. Sometimes a public shower is thick with the peppermint smell.


Dr Bronner’s soap is great, my go-to-soap since Pears/Unilever India destroyed their product with “reformulating” (= make it cheaper to produce) a few years ago. Well, Dr Bronner’s and a locally made soap with even better ingredients and smells, which is simply too expensive as sole daily use soap.
Still, I miss Pears. Never found anything even slightly approaching the combination of smell and soaping quality.

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That’s why we need to legislate the salary cap.

Yeah. Good luck with that.


Never used the product, did have several of their poster ads hanging in my apartment throughout my college years - https://www.google.com/search?q=pears+soap+poster&safe=off&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=rJl4UtvQMeTLsQTP3YCAAQ&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAQ&biw=1600&bih=787

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Dr Bronner’s soap is so good. we do’nt have them here so we buy lots of them every time we go abroad - fantastic soap ever!

How is it I’ve never heard of this soap before? I must be ridiculously oblivious, especially since, according to their website, it’s sold in my favorite place to pick up good locally grown fresh vegetables. Actually when the farmer’s market isn’t open it’s pretty much the only place I know to get locally grown fresh vegetables.

And it looks like a few big chain stores near me carry it too, but I think it’s better to buy a product that aims to do good in a store that also aims to do good.

I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Ralph Bronner. He is a magically human. Generous, humorous, and kind. Do watch Magic Soap Box. You’ll learn that Ralph is the soul of the company. Plus he sings crazy little songs. His favorite is one that a local singer wrote for him: “Dilute! Dr. Bronner’s Makes Your Hoo-Ha Tingle!” Which is something Ralph says about the Peppermint soap.


LOL! It does, seriously. I take super WTF hot showers + the pep. Waking up cranky is my norm, the combo fixes it. Sounds tame and lame but it’s actually kind of life changing at a personal level here :grin:

Little known fact: Dr. Bronner’s makes an amazing home cleaning product called Sal Suds. It is a concentrate you can mix into various amounts of water to make general cleaner, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, etc. It smells good and it is an incredible cleaner. I’m not sure why it is so much harder to find than the other products, but it replaces almost all the bottles that used to be under my sink.


That’s a good start, but of course real “makers” and “wealth creators” don’t earn their money from salaries anyway: they get all their money in bonuses for being so awesome (even if their company is tanking).

Maybe not everyone who attends Burning Man is a Burner, or vice-versa.

True. I once had to take a week off from work without pay so the board could afford the payout of an executive under whose tenure the company lost almost 200 million dollars.

Edit: I just realized that the phrasing makes it sound like my week’s pay alone financed the payout. To clarify: By ‘I’ I mean ‘We’ and by ‘We’ I mean thousands of employees.


Even Target stores carry it.

Costco sells it too, but only in the 20 gallon family pack.


There is no better soap on earth for camping/canoeing. During a 10 day backpacking trip sometimes the only thing that makes me feel human again is the minty freshness that comes from the peppermint soap, seriously. I know I sound like a total dork. I have even been reduced to using it as toothpaste, which I don’t recommend, but does actually work fine too. I am really glad it’s successful, what a great win-win. (Obligatory leave-no-trace always wash 150 feet away from a water source caution. Soap needs soil bacteria to do it’s biodegrading.)


Yeah, I’m not sure if I should be pleased or deeply worried that I understand it. New waterproof labels are great, though.

Haha. I read the label on the bottle every time I go back home. I just think it’s incredible that someone decided to use a bottle of soap as a vector for religious propaganda. It’s kind of awesome.

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