Dr. Bronner's soap company is now offering ketamine therapy to its employees

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Dr. Bronner’s, the Soap Company, Dips Into Psychedelics


Under the leadership of the founder’s grandsons, the company has become a big financial backer of efforts to loosen government restrictions on illegal drugs.


Reading that label is the equivalent of going on a psychedelic trip.


I clean my bong with it.


And then you can use that to brush your teeth! :+1:

Amazing stuff that soap.


There’s a “medical spa” in my small town. According to the sign, they do botox and fillers other cosmetic procedures, but if you go to their website it’s like “ALL THAT AND KETAMINE!!!” I’m glad it’s getting easier to access and I hope it helps more people.


Strangely enough, Dr. Bronner’s is regarded by many in the Oregon psychedelic community as a pariah. The soap company donated heavily to the psilocybin legalization effort, and demanded specific changes to Ballot Measure 109 that removed the decriminalization of possession and cultivation language.

Basically this means that it’s still illegal to grow and possess psilocybe mushrooms, and instead creates huge doorways for state sanctioned corporations to gatekeep who is allowed to grow and administer them. I saw it as the only way to get any kind of law passed at the state level, but most heads thought differently.


Dr Bronner’s Soap Scents, Ranked

  1. Almond
  2. Tea Tree
  3. Eucalyptus
  4. Citrus
  5. getting hit by a wet kitchen sponge
  6. Peppermint
  7. Lavender
  8. Rose

I bought Almond on a whim a while back and was shocked at how much more pleasant a scent I found it than any of the others.


I like their unscented for cleaning CPAP hose and mask. Much better than trying to use Dawn and getting a lungful of “LEMON GOSH DARN IT!” no matter how much I rinsed.

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Far out.
Just another reason to love this company.

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