Dr. Who convention in Maryland (March 27-29)


Fantastic. It’s too bad I won’t be able to make it. The first Doctor Who gathering I attended was a joint talk by Tom Baker and Colin Baker. This was during the hiatus before Trial of a Time Lord. None of us had seen Colin Baker yet, but he was the coolest guy. At one point he stepped up to the edge of the stage, looked down at the people in the front row, and said, “You can see up my nose.”

I was wearing my Spock t-shirt, and when I raised my hand to ask him a question he berated me for wearing a Star Trek item to a Doctor Who event.

Tom Baker told some great stories too.

The last Doctor Who gathering I went to was a talk by Jon Pertwee. It was there I first saw Sylvester McCoy, on a video being broadcast on a big screen.

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Hmmm, this is like 15 minutes from me. If only I were more of a Dr. Who fanboy!

Yeah, maybe an hour or so for me, but I can’t justify that kind of outlay. (Unless it includes lunch or something.)

Never abbreviate “Doctor” as “Dr.” when referring to Doctor Who. “Dr. Who” refers to someone with a doctoral degree whose surname is “Who”.

You can always tell who is a fan by that alone.


It’s like how I identify true Scotsmen!


I did say I wasn’t a huge fan!

I know, it’s isn’t an attack. :wink: I was referring to the title.

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They’re expecting several thousand fans. Good thing they were able to find a big enough venue.


If Star Trek references are wrong at such a convention, why Doctor McCoy?

I’ll show myself out…


I didn’t care much for Elvis. Then I went to Graceland on a whim.

At the earliest opportunity I’m buying you a beverage of your choice.

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I’d go for Sophie Aldred alone if it wasn’t the other side of the country.

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