Dracula's $80MM castle for sale


Misleading headline, but “Castle where Dracula may have been held prisoner” is pretty cool too. Imagine the security measures required to contain an undead shape-shifter.


I guess I am really messing with all those people who don’t know Dracula was fictional. I’ll do better next time.

Imagine the security measures required to contain an undead shape-shifter.

I’d rather not-- Torchwood: Children of Earth touched many a nerve.

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I’m sorry to be a spoilsport, but according to the Habsburg family’s (the current owners) attorney the Telegraph is pretty much making stuff up, as they have no intention of selling.
As an aside, the Romanian Government has the right to make the first offer, so it’s quite likely no one else would be able to buy it anyway. :slight_smile:

To be fair, it is the castle generally promoted as the Dracula castle. There is a shocking lack of respect for historial accuracy in the tourism industry.


$80MM for an overly large house on a crag of rock in the middle of a forest in backwater Romania, probably with terrible water and electricity (if any), and most certainly in need of expensive repairs and upkeep?

No thanks - I’d rather pay the wages of 2,450 schoolteachers for a year.

You’ll never make it as a supervillain with that attitude.


The real cost may be in upkeep. Some years ago, I remember reading about ancient castles in Britain and Ireland available for a song–but part of the terms of sale included provisions to repair or maintain them according to strict standards of historical accuracy, a daunting proposition since not only is the profession of stonemasonry much reduced, but some of the quarries that the original stone came from may no longer exist.

He’s hiring an army of minions instead of building a super lair.

A little from column A, a little from Column B…

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Perhaps his 2450 school teachers will be paid to indoctrinate the young against the corrupting influence of his nemesis, and the other so called “superheroes”. Did you ever consider that a supervillain without an evil plan isn’t worthy of the name?
He’s just a guy with a totally awesome lair and a totally lame cash flow problem.

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