Dragon corpse washes ashore in Spain




My first thought was oarfish, but that wouldn’t explain the horn-like protusions. Wish there was a better photo of those “horns.”


My first thought, was Falcor.


Well obviously it’s a dragon, it says so right there in the title! Duh.


Well, I guess it’s the end of THAT story.


His luck was bound to run out sooner or later.


Nah, @Falcor is alive and well and moderating for BB now.


Not a bit like a real dragon.


The tragic fate of Puff the Magic Dragon. I didn’t know Honalee was so close to Spain.


“The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated”


Never give up and good luck will find you


I hope it’s not one of Piff’s relatives.


For the record, it’s spelled “Andalucía”.


The answer to these questions is almost always dead whale bits.


We just need to break down the mathematics on this:

(oarfish + horns) x Spain = Corrida de Pescado

Shh, it’s not really bullfighting.


I think this is what the lutefisk looks like in the wild.


I think it is an oar fish. In this photo you can see some protrusions from its head.


That series was AWESOME. I hope they make more shows. One trick that just blew my mind, and fooled Penn and Teller, was the one by Shawn Farquhar. Michael Vincent is godlike in what he can do with just a deck of cards and slight of hand.


I think the great thing about Penn and Teller: Fool Us is that even though it’s the title, fooling them is secondary. As I understand it, Piff’s magic career blew up after that aired.


It wondered if it could be a Frill Shark, they sort of look like serpents.