Huge oarfish found off Catalina Island in SoCal

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If I were snorkeling and saw that out of the corner of my eye, the first thing I’d do is swim right home and change my swimsuit.


Ummm… This article and photo is from October 16, 2013. @pesco , I think you meant to link to this LA times article from today, not the one from 2 years ago


Importantly the text (and size) is from the older article. The recent fish is smaller.

Seems like there have been a bunch of these stories in the last couple of years. I feel like there were a few in the UK as well. Something bad going on down there.

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That was a rare, wonderful thing to be witness to, and I know I would have been crazy excited to have been there myself, but still, it was an awesome dead creature. All the happy smiles seem out of place. I am a fisherman myself, and I confess to many big shit-eating grins when I caught the big fish. I also grieve when I hurt or kill a fish I shouldn’t have, or when I come a cross a magnificent bloater like this one.

I bet an oarfish that big produces a lot of roe.



Now that’s how you do a pun. Bravo!

He’ll be here all week. Try the fish.

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“My God, that’s a huge oarfish!”

goatse viewer talking with his mouth full.

OK, @stefanjones's was better.

This is the first thing I thought - what’s with all the grinning? Seems totally inappropriate.

It’s a gorram fish that died of natural causes. What’s the big deal? Are we worried about the oarfish’s family seeing the photos and being distraught?


Boing Boing needs to check their submission box a bit more diligently. We submitted this story two days ago: (includes images)

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“Hey look, a dead fish! Lets pick it up and rub it all over ourselves”


Yikes! One of my earliest memories is of watching that cartoon as a diaper-clad toddler.

“Cyrus the Sea Sick Oarfish” . . . . yeah, that could work!

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