Drain Weasel: a solution for hair-clogged sinks

You can use a plunger on a sink, you just have cover the overflow hole up by the rim of the sink. Cover that and with a small plunger you dredge up something right out of a Japanese horror movie.

I’m here to snake your drains.


Shave them in the night.

I just use a bit of garden wire that I’ve bent into a hook at the end; it works very well with long hair.

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“Drain Bladder”
Now this sounds pretty nifty…

This might be useful for breaking the beard bits, which I assume have clumped together, into smaller pieces that will, with running water, be flushed away. I’ve used a similar tool with a rectangular piece of Velcro at the business end, and what it doesn’t pull out it seems to push into a position where it stops clogging.

Of course.

Glad to say that it does, I got a little plastic one, No more clogged sinks and no more me having to unclog them.

Alternatively, use a metal coat hanger. Clip it so you have a straight piece of (thick) wire, a couple feet long. Use your needlenose pliers to make a small “U” bend at one end, and use that to pull up all muck and junk that’s accumulated in the trap, all the nasty, half-rotten hair and soap and slime. There’s never a shortage of metal coat hangers, so it’s free.

You can usually unscrew the trap, too, but that’s a little bit more of a PITA.


I just remove the stopper thing as most of the gunk gets wrapped up around that and the pipe walls around it, as the lever is easy to unscrew from the drain allowing me to just pull it out. Then just go clean the thing off clear out most of the gunk from the drain with fingers and run some very hot water down it.

Not to be confused with the Spice Weasel.
Best used on Cheese Weasel Day.

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I’ve been using chopsticks and tweezers, but this looks way better.

Though, I could just put some sticky gum or tape on a chopstick and it might work just as well.

This is what you want.


This is and a drill and you can get concrete out of a drain.

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You know, we go to all the trouble to invent a plastic imitation, but nothing beats running an actual weasel through your drain.


This item cannot be shipped to the following state(s):AK,GU,HI,OH,PR,VI

What sort of weird laws or regulations are behind those restrictions


I was really pleased when that commercial came out. I’d been making porn-jokes about their “foaming pipe snake” product for years.

It’s nice when companies share your values.


In most of them it’s probably just tax collection or shipping issues that make it more trouble than it’s worth.

In Hawaii, they’ve got that feral chicken population and introducing weasels would probably upset the ecosystem.

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I’ve found my wet/dry vac makes a pretty good declogging device too. Wouldn’t recommend it for a clogged toilet, though—unless you have someone else to empty it out afterward.

What the heck kind of states are GU, PR, VI?

PennsylRhode, VermIsland? GeorgUtah?

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Daring Weasel?

Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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