DreamScreen adds some luminous ambience to your entertainment center

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Man that’s gaudy. This is for the young guys who put the neon lights on the underside of their car?

I’m tipping the ratio of unfavourable to favourable comments will be at least around 4:1.

I think that it can significantly improve comfort of viewing computer monitors in a dark room. The rapid change of brightness level on the edge of the screen causes eyesight fatigue, at least for me.

Having said that, I’d probably hack my own, with programmable LED strips like WS2812. It would be cheaper and easier to modify to add some interesting functions like integration with rest of home lighting, etc.


This one’s pretty good:


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Nice! And quite impressive open hardware/software. A lot can be learned by studying this design, especially about handling high throughput signals on FPGA.
My idea was more like sampling screen values completely in software, doing all computations on host computer and sending LED RGB values to a microcontroller via USB-UART bridge, so nearly no hardware, but also far less universal.

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Neat. A retrofit version of something Philips have been doing for a few years:

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I always think these are neat but would like a chance to test it out before committing anything to my own setup.

Matter of taste, I guess. But compare this with a projector instead in the same room.

Is that “gaudy”?

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