Drew Carey, hero of the WGA writers strike, continues to be awesome

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While I don’t agree with his Libertarian politics, Carey has been a consistently generous and good-spirited individual who understands the nature of working in a collaborative industry. Maher can (but won’t) take a lesson from him.


I’m sad I ever looked forward to watching his shows. When he started dating Skeletor (Ann Coulter) the little voice in the back of my head was all “are you sure this is someone you want to be watching on the regular?” but I just kept coming back for the explosions the panels had.

The one classy thing he ever did, was leaving Barbara Olson’s chair empty for weeks after she died in 9/11. I didn’t agree with her a lot, but she was a good-faith conservative (remember this was back before the GOP lost their goddamn minds), and damn, to have been on one of those planes…I can’t even imagine.


I’m also thankful for Drew Carey bringing us Craig Ferguson, the best late-night talk show host ever.


Always makes me smile; and easy to picture him trapped in a jokey mood, 100% serious about his job; and always a former Marine/service member.

HUA Mr. Carey! :slight_smile:

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With the strike lasting almost 21 weeks, that would come to about $210,000 that Carey donated to the writers’ cause and appetites.

I think the low estimate of the meals he paid for is supposed to be north of half a million dollars.
On top of that, the places where he had the standing tab were helped as well.


He’s also co-owner of a soccer team and didn’t feel the need to make a self-aggrandizing tv show about it…


Good on Drew for knowing he didn’t become rich on his own. Now if only that thought process could happen with the rest of America’s millionaires/billionaires.

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