Bill Maher also stabs the WGA in the back

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Shithead is a shithead… film at 11!

I am more surprised by Barrymore, honestly.


Upon hearing the parable of the scorpion and the frog, Bill Maher would dedicate 30 minutes of monologue to why the scorpion is the hero since it likes weed and the frog had it coming for being naive. I’m only surprised he didn’t immediately hire scab writers.


Others here are putting this far more eloquently than I will, but Maher has always been a self absorbed ass. I’m not remotely surprised and I’m just sad I already don’t watch him as it precludes me from boycotting him.


Jesus, Bill Maher isn’t funny telling other people’s jokes, I can’t imagine an hour of just his grotto-addled roomkillers accompanied by the solo laughing of Bari Weiss.


Maher has always been an ass and Barrymore is on the wrong side of history here too. I’m honestly kind of surprised talk shows have held out even this long though—back in 2008 almost all of the big names (including Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert) made the controversial decision to return to the air just two weeks into the writers’ strike.

It speaks well of the strikers’ resolve and bargaining power that it’s taken the industry’s big names so much longer to cross them this time around.


For those of us who have forced ourselves to sporadically watch Maher (usually because a friend wanted us to see some bit of Maher “being right” WTFTM), it’s been hard not to see who he really is.

His break with WGA, among other things, doesn’t surprise me. Given who he is, I expect he thinks he’s clever and believes he’s positioning himself well inside the current late night television vacuum.

Just: ick.


He proved he needs writers in the very first line. For his purpose “unfortunately” either doesn’t need the comma after, or it should go at the end of the sentence. What he wrote himself is acknowledgement of most people’s reaction to his news: the show is coming back, unfortunately.


That statement doesn’t even mention the studios. He’s trying to spin this as though the WGA is in a position to just end the strike any time they want despite both sides being clear. The WGA wants this over and the studios are dragging it out as long as possible with the strategy of hoping the writers become starving, unhoused, and desperate enough to go back to the same exploitative wages.

If you want the damn strike to end maybe call out the people who are responsibile for it dragging on


Wait wait wait, you’re telling me Maher’s show with him rambling on like an old out of touch rich white guy had writers?


bill maher is a snotty brat, and I would know.


I want the writer’s strike to end as well. It affects the labour pool in my profession because all the out of work film crew move to other industries that also need their skills, such as live entertainment. Thankfully, we’ve also had a bunch of HUGE shows roll through, so it’s not really a bad thing so far.

But c’mon, dude. The writers have very legit concerns and the studios are in the wrong. You can replace executive producers with AI far easier than writers, and the residuals for streaming should be in the same range as they are for broadcast or physicals sales (this goes for music as well, btw).

Maher manages to be more wrong about more things every year. I’m not even sure it’s the usual issue of the world moving but ther person staying in the same place.


Yep… they have literally said as much.


From what I recall, David Letterman and his Worldwide Pants company made a deal with the WGA before coming back. I watched more of Craig Ferguson at the time, and since his show was also a Worldwide Pants producton, I was happy about being able to watch him guilt-free. (I can’t remember if any other talk show hosts of that era made similar deals.)

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I have absolutely zero interest in anything Maher has to say… with or without writers.


“The show will not disappoint.”

Since when?


I am unsurprised that Bill Maher would give zero shits about other people and chose the asshole route. I am much more surprised to hear that Drew Barrymore did the same. I’d thought better of her.


Heh, I said almost the same thing. I should read the comments before I post.


They didn’t cross last time. Letterman’s World Wide Pants deal was it’s own thing so his show could continue with having writers. The other shows were allowed, per the WGA rules in effect at that time, to have their hosts self-write. Those rules were subsequently changed, to where hosts are now prohibited from doing so. It was an entirely different scenario then.


That’s why we have coke gifs!

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It’s not…

He’s a dick head. it is known.