The Drew Barrymore Show's three head writers leave the show

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In every industry, there are certain employees you don’t want even the appearance of showing contempt for. Good on these three writers for showing some post-strike solidarity and making that point.


This is tangentially related, but I had wondered in the earlier post about the WGA openly criticizing Barrymore why they hadn’t criticized Whoopi Goldberg for continuing on the View. I’m still not 100% sure, but I think it’s because the View is actually under the ABC News division, not its entertainment division, so while they use WGA writers, and those writers went on strike, the program was allowed to continue without complaint because, contractually at least, it’s considered a news program. I think a lot of why certain shows and hosts got called out and others didn’t has to do with contract specifics.

Anyway, I just thought I’d answer my own earlier question here. I’m glad these writers decided to leave Barrymore’s show. Actions have consequences.


I mis-read the headline as "three head*-ed* writers.
I think it’s still appropriate, as Barrymore found out.
“Coffee, please, table #3!”


good for them. who wants to work for someone who has proven to be ok with being a scab?


Drew Berrymore two weeks before the end of the Writer’s Strike.


Ultimately, doesn’t this mean she can just replace them with 3 non-union writers and never have to deal with this problem again?

This reminds me of that Friends episode where Joey (who is an actor on a soap opera) claims in an interview that he writes most of his own lines, only to have his character killed in the very next episode of the soap.

ETA found it.

Joey does an interview with Soap Opera Digest, wherein he claims that he makes up most of his lines on Days of Our Lives. When the writers get wind of this, they kill off Joey’s character, Dr. Drake Ramoray, by having him fall to his death down an elevator shaft.


That’s a really easy way to get blacklisted by every union in the entertainment industry. She may have already effectively done that.


I read somewhere that she has more writers than these three on her show, but these three were the only ones in the union. I don’t know if there is some reason why those particular positions need to be in the union. These tv shows and production companies have very hard to understand rules.

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