Drew Barrymore won’t feature struck media on her struck tv show

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Is it possible to have the show without writers? No jokes, just have a guest come out and start talking about their life?

I’m thinking like if butchers go on strike the grocery store still stays open.


I love the signoff “with an astute humility.” Who in the world talks like that?

“I understand that there will be differing opinions about this. But actually, I’m being both astute AND humble here.”


Someone who feels they have to say it to convince people that they’re something they’re not.

Despite that, I hope she listens to the WGA about the true situation her show is in regarding the strike.


What I got from her letter is she’s pretty full of herself and that her show is THE best, and it must continue because society would rip itself apart without it.

Despite her having a SAG card she’s now more a big Hollywood producer type so her claims of solidarity is suspect, especially after pulling this stunt.

Years from now she’ll still be telling her story of being a child actor and alcoholic and all that… but what about you wanting to crush a labour movement and go contrary to the workers of your industry? There’s a chapter she can add…


“I hope for a resolve for everyone as soon as possible.”

She did a good job of demonstrating that there are definitely no professional writers anywhere near her!


Unfortunately she’s hardly the first such TV host to break with strikers. Even Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, who are usually on the right side of history when it comes to this kind of thing, brought back The Daily Show and The Colbert Report just two weeks into the 2008 writers’ strike.


During the last strike, pretty much all late night shows returned without writers before the strike was over: Stewart and Colbert as you said, but also Conan, Kimmel, Leno, etc.

In the case of Letterman, his production company reached an agreement with the WGA, so this meant both The Late Show, and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson were able to return with written content.


Such a great look for the show and Drew

Two audience members said they were kicked out of The Drew Barrymore Show today for their support of the WGA strike while union members picketed outside.

“Went to @DrewBarrymoreTV after winning tickets, unaware of the #WGA strike,” Dominic Turiczek wrote on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). “We took pins & went in, got kicked out, & verbally assaulted by @DrewBarrymore’s crew. It’s clear they don’t support #WGAStrong, writers or fans!”


And at the time, this was allowed under WGA rules. The premise was that the host was the only writer and was acting in their own capacity without assistance. Since then, those rules changed, and now on struck shows the rules are that no writing is allowed, even by the host.


Last week I visited my former I.A.T.S.E. Local 1 stagehand co workers (I’m a retired member), at the C.B.S. Broadcast center. The general rule is we will do our assigned work, but not another union or
guild’s duties. The fact that Barrymore’s show is under a different contract that supposedly is not affected by the strike is belied by the facts on the ground. Local One is currently negotiating a new contract with C.B.S., which is only adding to the tension.

Everyone has bills and mortgages to pay, and would rather NOT have to picket, but eventually you are faced with the ethics of a situation.

Solidarity Forever-


That’s why she needs writers.

People these days seem to think it makes them sound clever to use overly complex ways of saying things. They often end up using words they don’t properly understand.


I mean, alright, but one can do that without mangling the English language.

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“I believe there’s nothing I can do or say in this moment to make it OK,

Well, stopping the show would be a start to show you’re sincere.


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