Scab: Drew Barrymore will not host the National Book Awards

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She’s starting to Find Out.


I seriously don’t know what she was thinking here… Like… how did she think that this was going to be a welcome move…


I don’t know either, but I’m also confused as to which shows and hosts are getting called out. The View also employs WGA writers, and the show has been going on without writers since the strike started. The co-hosts are just working off index cards. The show covers both politics and pop culture, including movies and tv shows. Whoopi Goldberg is a member of SAG-AFTRA, just like Drew Barrymore, but I haven’t seen the WGA or anyone else call her out. I’m not trying to say it’s wrong to call out Barrymore. I just honestly don’t understand why they aren’t also calling out Whoopi Goldberg. And the Talk and any number of other daytime talkshows. Live with Kelly and Mark is another one. Kelly Ripa might not still be a member of SAG-AFTRA, but I’d bet money Mark Consuelos still is. I honestly don’t understand where the line is.


Me neither… I just wish that the producers would finally come to the table with serious deals with both unions…

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100% agree. Honestly, I’m starting to think it’s time for a worldwide general strike by all workers, union or not. I don’t know what that would look like, but something needs to change. Case in point, this fucking guy:


When I heard about this bastard Australian millionaire I immediately wondered if he was the “avocado toast” moron from a few years back. And sure enough…


Yeah, the “workers need to learn their place” energy was off the charts in his remarks. Something tells me he would love to see a return of legal slave labor, but is just slightly aware enough to know he can’t openly advocate for that yet.


Oh, I have no doubt he’s on board with the Libertarians who advocate for voluntary slavery.


I’ve never been able to stand looking at drew, for a stupid reason, really. She looks sooo much like a girl who’d become a V close friend, then screwed me over bigtime. I mean, it’s not drew’s fault she looks like her! But then drew opens her mouth, and I can’t stand her voice, either, so…

drew always came across to me as entitled & smug AF, and I never heard anything about her to alter that opinion. Her current decisions only serve to reinforce it.

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I have nothing to say about her appearance, but she does come from a life of extreme privilege considering her family tree, whether she had become an actor or not.


If she doesn’t need writers, then why have 3 on staff? What is there to write about when a guest comes out to plug a new movie? Are you so thick that you can’t even have a conversation with someone without referencing notes?

Take your show, keep it off the air until the strike is resolved. Bite the bullet and pay your staff for the missed work. It may cost a fortune but at least you are still in the good books of the public and they’ll support your production down the road.

But no… finding out indeed.


She does, but she also suffered a lot of abuse as a kid… her mother pushed her into acting at a very young age and fueled a drug habit that did real destruction to her… it’s pretty amazing that she’s not dead, actually.


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