Drinking milk while black: Student arrested for larceny over 65-cent milk which was actually free


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And what color was the milk?

The prosecution rests.


I have updated The List.


I grew up there too and concur.


Paging the ACLU…don’t sue for money (well, maybe a little, to get this kid through university), sue for change.



This is actually appropriate for 10 to 15 years of age. They get in trouble, they laugh.

Seriously. Do these people ever take adolescent psychology classes? (I’m talking about the administrators more than the cop. But WTF is a cop doing on a middle school campus?)


Being a shit-covered, pus-oozing asshole. You know, the standard cop thing in modern america these days when it comes to people of color.


Teaching useless bullshit DARE classes, bullying students, and collecting a paycheck for contributing to the school’s “preparedness” (read: “scare-mongering”) for potential school shootings.


Black and brown kids need to know police are untrustworthy, lying, aggressive, trigger-happy thugs who will beat, maim, or kill them without warning, provocation, or fear of being held accountable for their actions, and kids should avoid them. That’s an important lesson for kids–especially black and brown kids–to learn early.


It seems all too common to read about how a person’s behavior towards police supposedly justifies whatever conduct the police decide is appropriate, regardless of age. If a kid doesn’t bow down and fear you like you’re an evil god, he needs to be taken down a notch. He’s clearly up to something. He’s not acting like a mature rational adult at his young age? He must be on drugs!

And sadly, when people are on drugs, cops may still expect them to act rationally and tase them until they’re dead for not complying.

[insert apologist comment about how “when I was a kid, I was taught to respect authority…” here]

[Insert response saying how nice it was for you in your white privileged life that you never encountered a cop who assumed you committed a crime because of your ethnicity or poverty here]


There is nothing illegal about concealing that which is yours. That cop needs to be charged with false imprisonment and abuse of power, then spend some time in the tank to “think about what he did.”


Well, I say this as a former educator in California. Full-time cops at a high school is possible but by no means representative of every school nor every district. However, cops at a middle school is extremely rare and is usually during a lock down drill (read: once a year). They don’t even get involved in DARE at either level in the two districts where I worked.

There is only one reason for middle school and it’s because of some bizarro quota system that is racially motivated.


[quote=“subextraordinaire, post:7, topic:78533”]
Do these people ever take adolescent psychology classes? [/quote]




They’re mandatory for my state’s credential.

But, I know, California has too many requirements!


Of all the complaints I’ve ever had about Cali, that is not one of them.



Oh, my god. Live here and you hear it all the time. If I were a rude person, I’d just tell them to move.


I do, and I have.



When you have been repeatedly mistreated you respond with stress, you know, fidgeting, stress-relief laughing, total shut down of the frontal lobe. This is why cops should not be allowed on campus, and also why our police training needs to change. Stages of development should be primary training!

In short, I agree with you.


Instead I’d like to offer up that when I was in high school it was well known that if you were white and wandering the halls between classes all you had to do was say “I’m in the band” and whatever authority figure would let you go with an apology.

If you were black you could be carrying an instrument and a note from the band director and you’d still be subject to harsh interrogation before being grudgingly allowed to go.

That was a few decades ago. That kind of shit shouldn’t have happened then but at the very least it should have gotten better. Instead it seems like it’s gotten worse.