Driver does a back-up-of-shame on narrow mountain road

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Her I.Queue is low.


As someone who commutes a narrow mountain road, I wish this happened less often.

  1. It requires just one person to let her in
  2. I would not be that person

It does not look like that to me. It looks like NO ONE has a whole car length to give. Looks to me like it would take 5 or 6 cars working together. I might try to help if I was there if only to ease the delay of the people coming up. Not their fault.


“Hey look at this huge line of cars stopped in the right lane while there’s a completely open lane next to them. What morons. I must be smarter than everyone else to have noticed this. I’m just gonna go ahead and jump ahead of all these dumbshits…oh crap!”


Who would be?

As for people who feel fine flying up to the limit before they have to get over, unless they are in an emergency situation (and just happen to be driving a very expensive vehicle), rather than just someone who feels they are more important than everyone around them, I’m not a fan.

I do let them over when I can though, much to the annoyance of my wife. But that doesn’t mean I like them. And I try to keep it to one.

Strange that the reverse lights are not on, nor is the driver looking behind her.


The guy passenger: “Just go around”.
Driver: "What!? Are you sure? "
Guy: “Yes of course. Trust me.”


In China, queue jumping is a national sport.


For two-way traffic, the time to “get over” is always immediately.

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I think the lights are on, they’re just not as prominent. And she’s looking in the mirror, she doesn’t have to look behind her in this situation.

No matter how good a driver you are, reversing using only the mirror will force you to be extra-slow. Turning round and looking out the back enables you to reverse safely at a higher speed. Clearly nobody ever taught her that to reverse properly, with greatest control, you turn as far as you can and steer with one hand.

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Morally, yes. The problem is there is a real benefit to being an asshole in those situations. If you go up to the head of a queue that is moving and muscle in, you save yourself time with little consequence to yourself other than possibly some honking. Meanwhile everyone behind you has to wait longer.

I used to sit in offramp queues as part of my daily commute in Toronto and this always bothered me. It’s like spam email - the cost to the perpetrator is tiny but the cost to administrators to house, process, filter and otherwise deal with the spam is disproportionately large, and often borne by legitimate users in the form of misclassified email and the like.

People will always be assholes when their personal cost and consequence is low but their benefit assured. Something I really hate about human nature.


That benefit ends when you encounter the folks who won’t let you muscle in. At that point, you either cause an accident, with all the consequences of snarling traffic further, or you sit (possibly in the way of other traffic) while everyone else proceeds driving nearly bumper-to-bumper.

There are some well known “lane to nowhere” intersections and exits in my area where accidents are a regular thing because of that. Those of us who wait our turn are always glad to see a truck cut the line-jumpers off, too.


I am always over well before I need to be, and I think everyone else should be as well for things to go as best as they possible can.

However, I do believe there is actual science that proves driving up to where you have get over, and everyone just getting along with the “zipper” effect at the front there is actually more efficient.

But I will never be that person who drives up to where you have to get over.


The right solution is to stop both lines of cars. Let her back into the oncoming (inside) lane, turn around and go forward back down on the outside to the end of the line. (but do not, under any circumstances, let her into the inside line)

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I’m talking about 2-way traffic, like in this video. The consequences can be a lot higher than honking.


When people do this, they are actually doing what they should. Getting over into the lane that will stay open too soon is a very bad practice. It seems “right” and “polite” to many, but it ignores the reality of how queues work.


If there were no guard rail, she would’ve had a shame-sparing option.

Just saying…