Driver flies a Tesla as if it's a spacecraft, then crashes and runs away (video)

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Tangentially related, but I despise car culture and how married Los Angeles is to it.


It was a rental, so they have his ID information. Did he think he could perform the stunt and there’d be no damage at all? I don’t think he thought this through!


That’s certainly true - it obviously was planned and everyone knew what was going to happen (and exactly who was driving). But it doesn’t change the driver’s lack of visibility with their dangerous stunt - they knew there were a bunch of people at the top filming them, but couldn’t see them clearly, much less anything else.

Given that they were apparently inspired by a similar stunt by a different Youtubing a-hole on that same street, I’m guessing it’s going to disproportionately be the people who live on there…



People are idiots. But I do wonder if this was rented in their real name or whether is was rented with a stolen credit card and fake or stolen ID?

Either way, Any hit to the Tesla battery pack could total the car. It seems ridiculous that the LAPD is calling it misdemeanor hit and run given the other damages.


And creating a nuisance. He’ll be spending some time on the group W bench.


los angeles la GIF by The Hills

I would have chinned that arsehole not hugged him. The woman rider had the right idea.


Apparently there was a graveyard of dozens of orange Chargers jumped to an early death during production.


A few years ago on a trip to the RTP area Enterprise tried really hard to get me to upgrade to an SUV. I told them no; I didn’t need one and I’d be perfectly happy with whatever crappy sedan they had. (I’d really prefer not to rent a car at all, but for a variety of reasons it wasn’t practical on this trip.)

Turns out they were out of the crappy sedans I’d expected and I ended up with a Dodge Challenger. Not quite the same as that Shelby Mustang, but still a bit more car than I had intended.

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So although it was a rented car, and said driver somehow assembled an audience of cell phone cameraman before the stunt, the LAPD was unable to identify him?

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Probably more “unwilling” than “unable.”


When I was young and living in a much smaller city than L.A., this usually was because some city leader’s son was involved.


Super weird that LAPD claims to be unable to track this person down for all the reasons stated above.

However, the rental company’s insurance company sure as hell will. They ain’t gonna let themselves be on the hook for that nonsense and you better believe a civil suit is coming from them.


Did you happen to totally break down and tap that accelerator just a teensy bit more than usual? :wink:

Just a teeny bit when I went out to get dinner. Because of the timing of the trip, I did most of my driving in rush hour traffic so there wasn’t much of a point to it.

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One of the updated articles I read said the LAPD no longer needed tips to identify the driver but he was still not in custody.

There apparently was some Tesla meet up that the driver showed up to and then texted the attendees to show up at that intersection to watch.

Also there was something about the driver acquiring a cat that day that was in the back seat and was not injured.

Who knows how true all of the above are but someone on the internet said them.

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