Drone changes a lightbulb

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So how do you unstick the drone from the lightbulb?


The drone didn’t change a light bulb. It screwed in a light bulb.

How did that fixture ever pass code?


Clearly some adroit drone flying, but “change”? how about install a lightbulb (egads incandescent?) in an empty socket? (hat-tip to @DenverLett) That is, let’s see droney-mcdrone-face unscrew a nominally tight burned out bulb. Just don’t see a drone with much torque potential (…yet)

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Did the lightbulb want to change?


Just once I’d like one of these videos to last just a couple seconds longer.

Whenever I get my Mavic Mini that close to the ceiling it never ends well. It’s why I have a stack of extra props.


Probably like a ship in the night; while running silent to avoid attracting regulatory attention.

I nominate someone else’s house for the heroic cause of Science and Discovery; but my ‘bad ideas with easy implementations that aren’t ridiculous enough to discard out of hand’ reserve has just sent me an intriguing memo to the effect that the smaller Estes rocket engines are very much within the payload capacity of a small drone, electrically triggered; and capable of providing substantial thrust for a reasonably well specified burn time.

I see many objections in practice, but none in principle, to dining-room JATO providing the necessary torque for the job.

Look out, Beer Retriever Dog…they’re gonna replace you.

beer GIF

Cursing the darkness never looked so appealing.

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That’s a good dog, protecting humans from that disgusting ‘beverage’.

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