Drone footage of insanely huge "sinkhole" outside of IHOP restaurant

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Did you hear about the International Hole of Pancakes,
the massive drainage structure collapse that swallowed a at least a
dozen cars in an IHOP parking lot in Meridian, MS just a few days after
the restaurant opened?


Thanks to Boing Boing, yes, I did.

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Not again! Man I am never going to IHOP now.


It’s not a sinkhole. If you look at the shape of the hole and the footage it’s clear that this is a collapsed culvert. It is way too linear, and it’s in line with the watercourse in the background. You can also see the intact portion of the culvert in profile under the road. In general, you aren’t going to see a red soil like that in a limestone area, and limestone bedrock is what causes sinkholes.


Yep, someone’s gonna get fired. Wrong materials? Bad construction? I don’t know, but on the news last night, they showed the crumpled culvert, smashed like a paper towel tube.

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Interesting how there are cones set up to keep people dozens of feet away from the edge of the collapsed culvert but nothing to keep people from standing atop and driving over that as yet uncollapsed portion of the culvert.

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