Massive sinkhole eats IHOP car lot


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Every time you post a “massive sinkhole” headline, I’m expecting more Donald Trumpery.


And I’m expecting a fracking well. Does anybody know how to find out if that’s a fracking area?


Drillingmaps - but I don’t know how reliable this service is. This eia map shows no natural gas around Meridian.

Fracking in Mississipi (Ballotpedia? Never heard of this site), this newer eia map marks the area around Meridian as “prospective”.


Hmmm well that can’t eat an IHOP. Maybe it was C.H.U.D.


The drone footage ( shows this as a long collapse and at one end a void with a smooth arch roof. This is no sinkhole or fraking, it looks more like it’s a simple case of a culvert collapsing.


Things will never be the same in Pigs Knuckles again.


It’s all because of sin.


Are we sure it wasn’t the combined weight of the customers that did it?




I’d like to see a study on Heart Disease & Obesity rates dropping in that small microcosm now that the purveyors of fine breakfast poison are no longer in business.


This is what you get when you’re too good for Waffle House!!




All part of the Tutti Frutti Demolition Derby promo


I love Waffle House… of course, there isn’t one near me, but when I’m near a Waffle House: Look out!
Grilled Apple Pie, OMG, amirite?


I’m more of a chocolate chip waffle with a side of bacon & hash browns gal myself. :wink:
We don’t have 'em in Canada, but they are one of two restaurants I make a point of visiting when I’m in the 'States. (The other being Cracker Barrel!)


I like Cracker Barrel: Restaurant - but can barely stand Cracker Barrel: Cinnamon Scented Crap Gauntlet


I love the crap gauntlet! LOL


It’s an “all you can eat” massive I-HOP sink hole.


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