New experiences, new temptations

i’ve never eaten at a waffle house. for someone 58 years old from texas that is an unusual claim. this recent photo-essay from “bitter southerner” has provided an almost irresistible temptation to do so now–

should i? help me decided.

are there any iconic experiences local to your area which you have never been through? discuss.


All-Star Breakfast, eggs scrambled, raisin toast, bacon or sausage, hash browns (plain please) and a large waffle. For me it’s two yummy meals – I take half home. Good hard walk after to clear the carbs.

I have a friend who went through college on a Waffle House charity scholarship, so that’s to their credit. But something tells me the politics of the company founder could be questionable, if they’re even still involved.


A guy I used to work with was very traveled. Been all over, super smart guy as well.

Swore up and down his favorite restaurant anywhere, ever was Waffle House.

I like the food and atmosphere myself. Great breakfast. Also:


I like the idea of eating at a Waffle House much more than the reality of eating at one.


Waffle House is a good stand in if you don’t live near a good diner or dive. It’s like a corner of New York City in random places across America.

Go! but, note the placement of the defibrillator.


Good article (and looks like an interesting site as well).

I was last in a Waffle House about half a year ago, mostly because I was up incredibly early due to my sleep schedule being out of whack due to extreme jet lag. The food’s decent enough, better IMHO than the neighboring IHOP, but perhaps as the article states/implies its chief appeal is a combination of familiarity and sociology.

You lack the familiarity and I imagine you can pick up as much local culture in Save-a-Lot (for example), but you should probably check out Waffle House at least once. Do it for Anthony Bourdain:



I’m from Iowa. As a northerner, every time I’m on a road trip south of the ihop/waffle house line, I make it a point to stop in. Very different atmosphere from IHOP. The people who work there seem to always be super friendly and have a comradery with each other and their customers. And the food is great. I’m not a big sweet breakfast person. So I go for the eggs and hash browns and cheese. Simple food served perfectly by friendly people. Love that place.


I say do it. But the best time to hit the awful waffle is late night, after a bit of a drink.

And the Bitter Southerner is always great. I also always forget about it until someone posts a link to it.

@ChuckV, thanks for the Bourdain clip!


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