Drowned in the Mediterranean: Libyan refugees tell their stories



I thought this article was telling:

Prime Minister David Cameron’s bombing of Libya has “directly caused” migrant disasters in the Mediterranean Sea, UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said.

His comments came as hundreds of people are feared to have drowned after a boat carrying up to 700 migrants capsized.

Mr Farage told the BBC he did not have a “problem” offering refugee status to “some Christians from those countries”.

Home Office Minister James Brokenshire accused Mr Farage of making “cheap political points” and argued that the situation required “action at an EU level”, working with the African Union and others.

He told the BBC News channel: "In the wake of such an appalling tragedy, if all that Nigel Farage can do is to make, frankly, cheap political points - I think it shows his lack of understanding of the issues at hand here.

“The need is actually to use humanitarian aid and assistance to stop those flows - something that his party said it would slash.”

And the response from the Culture Secretary:

Conservative Culture Secretary Sajid Javid said: 'However difficult the situation in Libya is today - and it is challenging - just think what could have happened if Gaddafi would have got his way.

“So I’m proud of the action that we took with our allies, it was the right thing to do.”

When asked whether the UK should take some of the migrants, Mr Javid said: 'I don’t think that’s what’s required."

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Yes, Western malfeasance all over again. Go in, kill a lot of people, topple a leader, cause chaos, then take no responsibility for cleaning up the results. Nor in particular for taking care of the civilian victims.


At least colonialists tended to clean up after themselves, as a way of showing ownership. Today we just break stuff and walk away.

The part that’s horrifying to me is the number of European politicians who are almost (but not quite) willing to gloat over the dead refugees. This is not to single out Europe - if Americans knew where Lybia is, some of us would gloat quite openly.


You would have thought that post WWII with all the self-rightious celebrations and never agains such things could not / would not happen.

76 years ago Jewish refugees were leaving Europe for Palestine on boats down the Danube. In 1939 the last escape route out of Europe. No one wanted them, no one wanted them to have drinking water, no one wanted them to have food, they were in limbo in international waters.

This is a documentary film by Peter Forgacs using original footage of the voyage filmed by the captain Nandor Adrasovits, who happened to be an amateur film maker and who instead of filming tea dances ended up documenting the tragedy of European refugees and their two week long voyage. The last boat of refugees to leave Central Europe. As we know after 1939 things only got better in Europe for those who stayed. The 30 mins are worth watching, also remarkable to see how the English excelled, already back then, to be on the wrong side of a refugee crises http://www.israelcnn.com/media/clip/do008_exodus_donau_1939/

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There’s a massive swing towards the anti-immigration right-wing all over Europe making this so much worse. Like just last sunday Persut became the second biggest party in Finnish parliament.

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