Drowning Pool's "Bodies" covered by angry animals

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For the love of lap dancing Jesus this song needs to GO AWAY. It’s the musical equivalent of a can of monster Energy Drink.


Since I only have a vague familiarity with the song and none with the band itself, I initially had a heck of a time parsing out the headline (that the video preview showed only a bird didn’t help). “So, wait, there was some kind of pool in which people or animals had been drowned at some point, but what was in it was only mistaken for bodies, thus the quotes, and somehow this enraged some kind of animals, who flocked to the pool and settled on the fake bodies…?” I didn’t know what the hell was going on, but it sounded pretty alarming.


Counterpoint: this video represents the apex of human and animal creativity.

Elsewhere Mark @frauenfelder mentioned he’s reading Ross MacDonald novels; The Drowning Pool is one of his best known (and presumably where the band got its name). I thought this thread would be about the book.

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