Drug-sniffing doggo OD'd at EDM cruise ship checkpoint, given Narcan, will be OK


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Glad the dog wasn’t hurt! :slight_smile:


What kind of shitty EDM cruise doesn’t let you bring your meth and Ecstacy? Are they selling their own at a markup?


Those kids aren’t there for the music!?
*drops pearls


Poor doggo :c


They probably have to wait until they reach international waters, then everything goes :grin:




shitty EDM cruise

Would this qualify as a tautology?


It’s amazing that more dogs aren’t addicts considering how many literally sniff drugs for a living.


wasn’t that a scene in a cCheech and Chong movie?


Seems more like the city being a dick to the EDM cruise ship by sending drug sniffing dogs to their port of departure.

It’s like one of those ironic punishments. Your drugs get confiscated and now you’re trapped in a week-long EDM rave completely sober.


I’m sure the ship carries enough alcohol to float itself.




This story smells like a Urban legend. The dogs don’t actually SNIFF the drugs you know.


Great job reading the source material! Thank you for your carefully researched insight!


You have to be sure to select the “Fun Package (beverages not included)” when you sign up.


The source material says the dog had a medical condition according to the officer.
The Author and others leap to the conclusion that was related to ingesting drugs.
But hey, it is better press to say some EDM hippies were responsible for the dog to ingest drugs.

Also…these dogs are highly trained to NOT eat anything offered to them unless they get a command from an officer.

Urban legend are often based on a thin thread of fact. Yes, the dog could have a medical condition but jumping to the conclusion it’s snacking on drugs at a EDM cruise checkpoint is silly

There’s one possibility I can think of is that someone had a bottle of “Rush/poppers”(like Amyl nitrate) inhaler that broke in a bag.

But a more likely possibility is that the dog was used as an excuse to search a passenger and the story is BS.
Dogs sometimes get rewarded for their behavior or pick up on ques from their handlers. And the police would never ever exaggerate to justify a illegal search.

I’ve never in all the cruises I’ve taken seen dogs screening the BOARDING process.
And never ever seen the local police at a cruise terminal with dogs. It’s always customs.


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