Drums of war


Some of these old WWII training films are pretty good:

They’re fascinating to deconstruct; for example, that one obviously had more to do with reinforcing morale than actual training in anti-tank technique.





Mindysan’s delving into military history finally? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Uh oh…


Impossible to tell what’s really going on, but I’m inclined towards this perspective on that:

Pompeo is a devoted Trumpist; he isn’t safe to take at face value.


Also claiming the power to order anyone, anywhere, killed at any time for secret reasons.

But that’s not a scandal. That’s just a new policy—disliked by a few malcontents, pinkos, and Russian agents—of divine right of presidents.



Exhibit A:

Full-court press aimed at sanitising the Saudis and demonising Iran.


Key quote:



The animated Disney ones are rather surreal:



Lest we forget.


Is this a sequel to the infamous Downing St memo, but with even less credibility?

I guess it is to be expected, but it is disheartening that the BBC peddles this crap without calling out the BS.
How is it possible to reconcile claims of Saudi tolerance with this:


Spoilered for images of starvation:



Followup on the Special Forces murder story:




To my mind, that take strips a bit too much agency from the Saudis. It’s enthusiastic collaboration on both sides.