Drums of war


Considering that al-Qaida are Sunni fanatics, and Iran is a Shia theocracy, I really want some rock-solid, open-source evidence before I start entertaining the idea of them working together.

It’s not strictly impossible, of course – just remember the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact – but this really does smell like frantic spinning-up of the Axis of Evil lie again.


It wouldn’t be the most surprising thing in the world (especially given bin Salman has been marginalising some of the more radical salafists within the kingdom, including neutering the religious police), politics makes strange bedfellows. See this for another example, from the other side: https://www.ft.com/content/ed66069c-75fa-11e7-90c0-90a9d1bc9691



Well done; interesting history.



Still obsessed with these WWII training/propaganda films.

Fascinating mix of propaganda and food science.

I’m fascinated by some strange things at times.



From this post.




Tougher sanctions? That’ll show 'em!

The cynic in me things this is just a prelude to more shenanigans of the “see, we’re justified in x because they are a State Sponsor of Terrorism!” justification.






Excerpting a bit from here:




There’s a dark spot where I live but no Missile Command lines :grimacing:



Not really many sources credited in that article.