Drums of war


Well, I was unclear apparently. I meant counter/challenge his ideas, not McNamara directly. And, yes, Fog of War utilized primary sources, but I felt they were insufficient. Frankly, I had the sneaking suspicion that Morris was too sympathetic to, if not agreeing with, McNamara,


I don’t think he agreed, but you’re right about there being a level of sympathy. This goes to a talent to connect that people like McNamara (usually celebrities) have in one-on-one discussions. I’ve been affected by it myself several times over the years and it’s uncanny – it once happened to me over the phone. I can see how that kind of charisma might throw Morris off.



I was originally supposed to be in Turkey this week for work. Maybe it’s a good thing I had a conflict and couldn’t go…



that’s been a real helpful policy we’ve got there, hasn’t it?


Hey, at least we stopped air fueling the Sauds.

More likely Boeing just sold them a few tankers.




Saudi, UAE, USAF; it’s all American planes dropping American bombs.


Paid for with climate change, don’t forget that.


The sad thing is that Armistice Day has basically become Veterans Day in the UK


Australia, too.

ANZAC Day used to be a solemn remembrance devoted to the prevention of war. Now it’s drunken jingoism.




See the bit starting around 1:30 for interesting Yemen stuff:

They’re fighting against modern US-built tanks with this.




Just watched “They shall not grow old”, documentary about WW1 with modernized footage. The color and proper speed of the images removes any shred of the past, it’s disturbing how real it becomes. The matter of fact commentary by the veterans that was recorded decades ago, calmly describing being caught in artillery fire, what it does to people, it’s hard to listen to. If you can, watch this to remember what this day really means.