Drums of war


Looks like 2019 is going to be the year of the Linux desktop for me.


Old news, but I missed it at the time:

The empire is bipartisan.



“When Russia’s leading mapping service attempted to blur out each and every military facility in Israel and Turkey, it inadvertently revealed their exact locations, perimeters, and potential functions to “anyone curious enough to find them all,” according to Matt Korda of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, the researcher who discovered the error.”


yes… inadvertently.





“I don’t know a damn thing about it”.


The option to attach anything to any bill in the US baffles me. What does Yemen have to do with domestic agriculture policy? Yet somehow it does there.



Riders, pork, favors and cons. Politics USA style.


Why the fuck are Turkey our “allies”?


That whole area is such a quagmire. The Turks hate the Kurds, the Kurds have been our only reliable ally against Isis and Assad, the Saudis “support” Isis and hate Iran, who hates Isis and the Kurds. It goes on and on. Everybody hates everybody and you can’t pick a side without becoming enmeshed in centuries old conflicts with no solutions in sight. What a disaster.


In other words, welcome to the middle east! :wink:


Yup, that is the truth.


There’s a quote attributed to many groups in the Middle East that goes something like:

I, against my brothers. I and my brothers against my cousins. I and my brothers and my cousins against strangers.

Whether apocryphal or not, it represents the truth of a region mired in ancient tribalism, religious fundamentalism, and putting the clan first. Throw in colonialist meddling and the situation only gets worse.


And unlimited oil money for some adds to the already insane mixture of distrust, deceit and animosity.




Big US defense business shall not be interrupted.

Because jerbs right?

(And stock portfolios )


Some good news for a change:


AFAIK, that’s quite true. At the same time, just about all of the current Middle-East unrest is rooted in 20th-century events (starting with the partition of the Ottoman empire). The ancient feuds are part of the background, but the present trouble is by and large a modern thing.