Drunk yoga classes exist

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Do they combine these specialty yogas?

So you couod have naked hot yoga with goats and wine?


Around here you can do a drunken Rose Brunch Yoga with Goats at a vineyard out in the vines. Which is like 5 different bougie yoga trends at once.

Friend of mine had been doing tongue in cheek yoga and painting classes in the summer time. So she immediately moved to combine those with the drunken egg goat yoga event in the hopes of creating a black hole of basicness.


I think I’ll hold out for Meth Yoga.

At least to watch.


Bacchus is into it.


I kind of like the promo stuff about this.

“Drinking wine is an incredible way to make yoga fun,” said Eli Walker

You don’t say.

Lose your balance? Instead of feeling awkward, you’re surrounded by a new group of friends to cheer you on and high five you when you find it again.

“Feel lost? Get regularly drunk with a bunch of strangers you connect to mainly through your affinity for drinking! Whatever could go wrong?”

We’ve got your ultimate bachelorette party solution. Start your bachelorette extravaganza with the Original Drunk Yoga experience–sipping some wine, stretching, and socializing. Want to have your bachelorette drunk yoga party at a vineyard? On a yacht (yes–we said yacht)! Somewhere else? Let us know. We’ve got options.

I mean, that sounds great but at this point, considering how the whole yoga aspect is admittedly just for novelty value, how is this different from booking a yacht or a vineyard on your own and just partying? Isn’t sipping some drinks and socializing what bachelorette parties generally involve, anyway?

Also, looking at the “Drunk on Joy” stint in Tuscany, I kind of wonder, do all yoga classes involve drinking? Because never mind mornings, those afternoon sessions are still mighty early in the day to get drunk, or even tipsy, at least in my (admittedly fairly straight edge) book.


With an increasing number of reports about sexual assault during yoga classes, getting drunk in that setting does sound like a bad idea. The increased risk of exercise-related injury is another reason to avoid that combination.




i have a t-shirt i wear that says “whiskey & yoga” and people always laugh at it. i tell people it’s either (1) my health care plan; or (2) that they both take practice and they both hurt when you do them incorrectly. i would never actually drink while doing yoga – firstly, it’s against the whole point of yoga, and secondly, it just increases the chance of injury. silly westerners, ruining everything again!


Is this a region of the 'burbs from which no trend can escape, or does it emit a Hawking radiation of bougions that slowly gentrifies the surrounding area?


This is a rural beach town driving distance from Manhattan.

Plus what the fuck else are we gonna do with all these goats?


Not hatin’. Goats are awesome. They deserve to stand on people.


Nah. I suffer of acid reflux and bending over in my yoga practice with liquid or food in my stomach makes my esophagus burn. I do not drink water even during hot yoga. My rule is no liquids 2 hours before practice.
But I would be down for the after party!

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Ugh. This is some cultural appropriation nonsense.

Just get drunk and play twister instead. It’s a great core workout, you’ll stretch every muscle you have, and you’ll laugh when you fall over and think you look super cute doing it. Exact same thing. And you can still wear your full lululemon gear if you want to.


I’ve got a big problem with alcohol finding it’s way into any sort of fitness area. I don’t get why the same GOOP-style “wellness” folks who won’t even microwave their food in a plastic bowl due to fear of cancer will drink wine by the bottle, nevermind that alcohol is one of the biggest carcinogens on the planet.

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The sentence that is the start of so many great ideas.


I’m drinking yogurt right now…


Oh wait, that’s not yoga. :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Seriously though, while a little alcohol might loosen my muscles (and my inhibitions) somewhat, enough of it would impair coordination, and that makes mistakes and injury much more likely. (Especially as I’ve hit the age where pulling a muscle is too easy.) This does not sound like a good idea.


I’m sure that drunk yoga turns into drunk laughter yoga, regardless of intention


I think this is more for the sort of hipsters who want to think they’re being trendy and healthy and/or spiritual, but also just want an excuse to go out and get drunk (because doing that regularly without an excuse will eventually kind of look like you have an alcohol problem).

The whole yoga thing is clearly just a novelty spin/icebreaker on what is actually an event where you go mainly to socialize and drink. (And the yoga itself is said to be very light, beginner stuff.) The business owners probably thought “Well, people like to drink, and we want them to drink in our establishments/during our services instead of the bar on the corner. How can we get them to do that?” “Last week I went to my yoga practice drunk lol” “Amazing idea!”

(I mean, they offer bachelorette parties. Not “yoga practices” but “parties”. Something tells me the actual yoga is not really the focus of those events.)


Its the entire basis of our local ecconomy.