Dublin paper shop transforms anti-LGBT hate pamphlets into fun confetti




I assume this is the staff trying to further distance themselves from the stance of the management


They are the only business I remember where this issue came up. As distinct from publicly funded bigotry which is alive and well in catholic run schools.

The referendum is very uncontroversial attracting 70% support prior to campaigning so the no campaigners have responded by publishing hate filled, lie filled pamphlets funded by shadowy groups (anti-choice groups are largely US funded here, I really don’t know in this case).

The staff very vocally protested the owner’s stance back in 2013 and no company has, to my knowledge, had the nerve to be publicly bigoted since.

I do foresee some problems as there is a legal requirement in Ireland for both sides to be given equal space in official communications on the subject of a referendum and I doubt the referendum commission will be vigilant about policing the homophobic liars. Who are historically very, very, very litigious. With deep pockets.

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As I understand it, Daintree is no longer owned by the aforementioned homophobic bags of [REDACTED]


I was reading this right before I came across your image.

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That would make sense. It’s an unsustainable business if you insist on being homophobic and what with their staff refusing to comply in the first place…

Unlike pizzas I suppose. You could still sell pizzas if you didn’t do wedding ones for same sex couples…

Hey, there’s good money in selling pizza to bigots.

…but not artisanal paper products!

Yeah, homophobic Daintree closed down in December 2013, and they were bought by another Irish paper company at some point between then and the following June.


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