Dude arrested at Kid Rock's tacky ass restaurant for swinging around his colostomy bag & hitting patrons with what's in it

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Seems pretty on brand to me.


that’s just shitty.

ok, easy one. I’ll show myself out.


In my head this will have been Kid Rock himself until someone proves otherwise. And it will take a LOT of proof.


When I think of Kid Rock, I always visualize him dressed in that chain mail tank top made of pull tabs from beer cans.


There’s always some shit disturber causing trouble.

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Two questions.

Kid Rock has a restaurant?
And this is not a common occurrence there?

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First answer. He had two restaurants. The one in Detroit closed down to slow business but Bob complained about it being closed due to his stupid comments about Oprah (honest to God I wish I was making everything up in this sentence).

Second. There’s a bunch of incidents that involve the cops being called to his Nashville restaurant a few times a week according to a guy who listens to police radio there. The poo bag slingin’ was an exceptional case according to said radio listener.


Sounds like appropriate behavior for a tacky “ass restaurant”

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Update about the shit bag slinger

Police said Nicholas Newhart, identified as John Doe in court documents, was drunk and holding a bottle of beer blocking the outside side emergency exit door at Kid Rock’s at 221 Broadway. Kid Rock security told the defendant to leave the outside door area, but he refused to leave.

Security flagged down police to assist in getting Newhart to leave. Newhart took out his colostomy bag from the inside of his front pants area and started to swing the bag, hitting two of the officers with his feces.

Police said Newhart was drunk when taken into custody without any further incident. He could not stand straight on his own, his eyes were bloodshot and glossy, wet looking, with the smell of alcohol coming from his person.

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