Go home America, You're drunk



The purest distilled essence of Poe’s law.


I just saw this. F Kid Rock. Seriously, he’s one step away from Ted Nugent in the realm of
faux political entitled has been rockstar bullshitter.


I’m sorry. I know as a fellow Michiganian I should be in his corner… but I just can’t. I’m not a big fan of the music, or of the man. (Though it’s interesting that Wikipedia claims he was influenced by the Howling Diablos. I freaking LOVE the Howling Diablos.)

Unsuprisingly, the linked website gives no inclination of party affiliation or policy.


Worked for Sonny Bono?


Correction: the local TV news just displayed a picture of Kid Rock and his family grinning alongside Donald Trump. They also displayed a quote which was fairly critical of Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow. (I’ve met her. She’s very gracious and polite.)

So yeah, he’s a Trumpskateer, assuming he’s not pulling a publicity stunt to revive his career as a musician.

My most polite response to that:


Crapping these shitbags out of the system is going to be hardest pass America will have taken in decades.


As I said after the election, this too shall pass. The question is whether it will pass like flying colors, pass like a kidney stone, or pass like away.


Oh, it does. It’s right under the photo. “ARE YOU SCARED?”


Ok. It might have changed since I visited it, or it might have been a difference on the mobile site?


I’m going with "Pass like on the morning after the five alarm chili and whiskey. "


Don’t apologize, I’m not going to entertain the notion of voting for this faux dirtbag, either. Stabenaw can be pretty milquetoast, but that’s kinda what we need at this point - a stabilizing force for the cray-cray emanating daily from DC.


“Go home America, You’re drunk”

No, we’re not drunk!


oh and, Kid Rock can suck it.


Apparently, the latest word is that he is making an official run, but it’s believed it’s not a serious run. ie. He’s running as a stunt to boost album sales.

That honestly doesn’t make me feel better. Not when I’m pretty sure Trump had a similar idea.


We’ve got a word for those people in German. Politikdarsteller.


We’ve got a word for _____ in German is my new party game.


That’s Bob Lefsetz’s view of this:


German is such a great language.

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