Dungeons & Dragons & Philosophy




One game I played in would often digress into very long discussions about what would be the most moral action for our little band of adventurers. I called these moments “playing D & PhD.”


Fans of philosophy and D&D should also take a look at Dresden Codak’s two brief parodies:
Dungeons and Discourse and a later follow-on, Advanced Dungeons and Discourse.


Wait, no use of my most favorite and most deadly weapon, Syllogism Barrage?


I should also have mentioned that, inevitably, the internet comes to the rescue of anyone actually wanting to try this. See Dungeons and Discourse, 3rd ed.


And many others that explore this idea.




That is all.


The Japanese have a word for this: chuunbyou, or eighth-grader disease.


The dark mage has cast Zeno’s Paradox upon you. Before moving any distance, you must first move for half that distance.

I think that philosophy is just as useful for D&D as D&D is for philosophy.


Healer, quick, cast “sum of converging infinite sequences” upon me!


I once wrote an entire magic system based on Kant’s categories: Universal, Particular, Singular, Affirmative, Negative, Infinite, Categorical, Hypothetical, Disjunctive, Problematical, Assertoric, Apodictic. Everything I learned about being a philosopher I learned by being a DM. Sort of.


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