Duran Duran suing its "fan club"


In other news, Duran Duran still has a fan club. Are they sure the club management is not paying the dues? Maybe there are just no members left.


Seeing as all possible members are in their 40’s now, that is a distinct possibility. :wink:

To put this in perspective, it’s $40k and it’s unclear how many years that $40 would have been accumulated over.

That’s the damages they’re seeking, no mention of how much revenue was expected. Also, the contract was entered into in 2010. 2010!

I’m sticking to my original comment.

LOL, I thought they were suing their “fan”, as in the last one left.

It’s a fair cop.

They are suing him for clubbing them. With a club.

Let’s hope these #brands
who like to sue their fans
sue each other.


What’s Barbarella’s cut?


You would be surprised. They have had an amazing ability to hang on. I know a lot of Duran Duran fans in their 20s. Some of whom I did not make.


I was a huge fan (wave of nausea) 30 years ago. I would have joined a fan club back then if I’d had the money. Today? I listen to one of their songs a few times a year, and that totally sates my need for Duran Duran. A few of their songs hold up, the rest is nostalgia for pre-teen-hood.

I wonder who their fan club members are, and if they are OG fans, or younger.

$40,000 seems like a relatively small amount of money given the potential for fan back-lash. However, I see that they’re also working on a new album:

Perhaps this “lawsuit” is meant get Duran Duran’s name back in the media? (If so, it’s worked rather well, hasn’t it?)

Oh, sweet nostalgia. I was just quipping a while ago that it felt a bit creepy that I had gone from being too young to being too old for dating Nick Rhodes…

(I was a huge fan 20 years ago but still wouldn’t have paid to be on a fan club)

Perhaps Duran Duran is starving for money like a canine species?

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Be proud! Duran Duran led me to Japan, which led into a bunch of awesome music that has fundamentally shaped my tastes to this day.


They sure are a bunch of crazy undomesticated guys.

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Marry me robulus.

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I’ll admit it, I had the hair. (Yes, even the headband.) I think we saw them at the Peppermint Lounge. But I heard one of their songs the other day and was repelled.

I think your response to that was automatic.

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