Photographing Duran Duran nearly ended in blood being spilled and fingers being broken over copyright ownership


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It seems to me that Sendergram, or any formal mechanism, could at best authenticate the claim to ownership, but can’t say much about the legitimacy of that claim, which makes me wonder about its utility.


I thought Boing Boing hated copyright?



Sweet jesus what a Shyamalan twist. Did you seriously end a Duran Duran post with blockchain?


Looks a lot like using scandal to sell product. #BusinessAsUsual #EverybodyDoingIt


What’s wrong with someone using their own professional history to explain what motivated them to start their company?

Not all ads are inherently evil, and yes, the Medium piece is an ad as well as an interesting anecdote.


I wonder if any of those photos ended up in the book Neil Gaiman wrote about Duran Duran, one of his early paying gigs (1984).


Not all copyright is bad. Corey’s creative commons-licensed novels rely upon copyright protection very heavily.


Gangsterism in the music industry? I’m SHOCKED.


Oh durian durian, you stinkers you!


Yeah, love how this turned into just another blockchain biz ad. Yawn.


Duran Duran, Simon LeBon in particular, should be brought to court in the Hague for their international crimes against rock’n’roll.


Please read the charges, solicitors? [Slides copy of ASTRONAUT out of heart, changes stance.]


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