Dutch troops 10% liable for Srebrenica deaths

10% liable. Amazing.

Back in the late '90’s I spent some time dealing with the fallout from this war. This conflict cemented in my mind that no matter how depraved you think someone is, they can always be worse.

The Donja Glumina site is the one that sticks fast in my memory (not related to the Srebrenica massacre)


Depressingly, the fall out continues… in addition to this, it wasn’t that long ago that the last war criminals went on trial. And there continues to be geo-political struggles, especially with regards to EU membership by former Yugoslav countries.

Two best movies on the war in Bosnia:


And then Joe Sacco’s excellent comic, Safe Area Gorazde…



I remember a lot of folks from that area coming to the north east of the UK back then. My daughter was friends with some of their kids at school. I heard some hard fucking stories at family barbecues. Benwell in the east end of Newcastle still has a big Eastern European population. It’s a cool place.


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