E-ink keyboard changes for every purpose

not just accountants, any office staff really, and regular people need to do their taxes, students should find it handy too. it’s understandable to drop it when the design requires it (e.g. space reasons), but for a standalone desktop keyboard it’s a pretty important thing to have.


Poking around the site for the keyboard makes it abundantly clear that this is basically a laptop keyboard assembly with an enclosure. What they really want to do is pitch their keyboard components to laptop oems ala Synaptics track pads.


There are numbers along the top of most keyboards. Unless you’re doing a lot of data entry on a regular basis, I don’t really understand the need to add 25% of the keyboard size to duplicate functionality. I’ve been using keyboards so long I can barely write legibly.

Number people, sure, but, really, taxes? I do my taxes once a year. My friend who has a business does them quarterly. Do you need a dedicated thing you use once a quarter? A month? A week?

I’m sounding more strident than I really am. I don’t care. People should use whatever makes them happy. Really. I just don’t get the use of it for most folks, even programmers that I sit around all the time don’t bother.

looks neat, and i want it, just because…

ALTHOUGH… i’d never use it. personally, i HATE looking at the keyboard. if i have to look down at the keyboard then the speed of what i’m doing has already been decreased to hunt and peck speeds.

speaking of which, watching them hunt and peck on the new touchbar during the apple keynote was painful.


Your accountant? I think separate number pads are better though…


My numeric keypad is always disabled but when one of our finance staff had to type a credit card number into my computer, her muscle memory insisted on using it.


You’re making the argument for specialists to have them as opposed to the majority of users.


While I’d be okay with a seperate number pad, I do use it as one criteria when shopping for laptops and keyboards. I use mine daily and it’s one less thing to charge and/or connect if it’s built in.

People who’s job requires they enter numbers frequently.

Fair and true enough.

Since they all but copied the Apple website’s formatting and layout, it seems clear what market they’re aiming for.


correct. which is why i think the separate ones are the best solution.


I want one that shuffles the keys after every keystroke but lights up the key that I most likely want to type next.


There are endless options for separate keypads at almost any price point between a few dollars and a couple hundred with Bluetooth, proprietary wireless, and USB connectivity options.

I guess I don’t need this keyboard: I don’t own any porpoises.


I just want animated keys so I can assign a gif to each one, based on the use of them so they post the right one when needed. Bind the S to sluurrrrpp, the N to Nope!, Y = Y not Both?! etc.

There must be someone here who designs and sells keyboards and really loves gifs. Perhaps they could even give it full Discourse integration… :imp:


Left-handed gamers. I am one and every new game i start i go straight to keymapping and remap WASD and sundry to the numpad. When a game doesn’t let you do that, like skyrim, it’s pure hell. Unless there’s a mod for that, i couldn’t find one last time i checked.

Ha! I’m a left-handed gamer but I’m mostly an OS X and Linux user these days so I gave up on PC games. I just use my PS4.

Console heathen begone!

I gave up on consoles a long time ago and switched to PC, it’s cheaper to upgrade and you get far more flexibility with mods and such. Though the consoles now seem to be going through a PC phase with small, iterative improvements so i don’t know what’s real anymore…

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Yeah but my Buddhist-based Destiny clan is all on the Playstation Network. If I can’t kill with other Buddhists, what will I do with myself?

Mostly it is because I refuse to build desktop PCs or run Windows anymore. I have Steam on my OS X machine but I rarely wind up playing.


For real? Cool. That’s a dilemma though… maybe get a buddhist-based tf2 clan? I’m not going back into that time sump.


I’ll just need to fantasize about how you toggle your bucky bits.

It made me smile that this keyboard keeps CAPS LOCK, and as a permanent key, no less. It will never die.