E. Jean Carroll testifies that Donald Trump raped her

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The judge was tactfully advising Trump’s lawyers that he needs to be talked to and maybe to STFU before he gets hit with charges of witness tampering, if this video is anywhere near correct…


I’m so sick of this horrifically abusive, lying, thieving, shriveled, caved-in, mushroom-dicked pumpkin.

And to think he’s STILL the GOP’s frontrunner! What kind of bizarre time and country do I live in? :face_with_spiral_eyes:


And, worse, this kind of thing actually makes him, if anything, more appealing to his followers. This allows him to take this perverse “champion of the aggrieved” role, where he’s been saying, essentially, “If they can do this to me, despite all my wealth and lawyers, just imagine what could be done to you!” (presumably the “they” is women, and the “you” is men who know in their guts that they’re abusers…).


He is the GOP frontrunner because the party can’t exist without him now. If he doesn’t get the nom, he will run third party and destroy their chances in every race. They know that. He has literally conned his way into this position and the only way the GOP can get his ‘base’ is for him to go away quietly… which will never happen.


There is something really off to me about how all the coverage says Trump “had sex” with her. I mean, mechanically, yeah, but that’s not really the right phrase. Why do the stories only use the word “rape” when saying something like “Carrroll accuses him of raping her?”


he’s already destroying their chances in most races. the gop showing in the house was amazingly bad ( thank goodness ) - and a significant number of the candidates he backed failed.

of the seats they did win, many were won through gerrymandering and voter suppression

it’s not just ■■■■■ people dislike. the gop isn’t popular


This sounds like a good plan, let’s run with it.


The stupid timeline… :rage:

Then it should not exist.


Yeah. But of course, “America” has been a pack of lies and under the rug sweeping from the very start, so maybe Tromp and all the MAGA monstrosity is just the return of the repressed or whatever, eh?


Indeed… it was the stupid timeline way back then… I suspect it’s always been the stupid timeline, from when “civilization” (whatever the hell that is) began…


I wish this was a criminal trial, but I hope she wins her civil case.


Jean Carroll is a hero.
It took a lot of courage to reveal this and she’s been the target of so much unjustified crap because of it. No payout is going to make up for how she was hurt in the first place and all the other pain she’s been forced to endure. However, I hope she takes this rapist to the cleaners and the court forces him to pay out.


Speaking of which (kinda), this was a good segment today:

Any bets part of his defence is that she’s not hot enough?

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Hasn’t he already said that? Or maybe that was about another woman. :nauseated_face:


I am certain he’s said it about other women. Which is why I’m fully expecting him to try it here. In court.

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Oh! I’ll check that out in a bit! Thanks!

Sooner or later, he won’t be available, and I doubt the people planning for that have this high on their list:

  • Gracefully accept defeat, then rebuild and reorganize the party and the platform.

I’m afraid that at some point there will be a worse crapstorm than the 2020 election, because it won’t be planned by Trump and his Legion of Losers, and before it dies, Twitter will be their megaphone.

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