E.T. II, the mega-dark sequel that never happened

Misread as Short Winky Jesus and nearly died laughing.


De Palma would have made a sequel.

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I’d heard he didn’t want to make a sequel but his contract forced him to write one, so it’s intentionally so terrible it woulnd’t get maed. I am tryinng to cite or fix spelling on this but my dog is on me and has other ideas sorruy

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Came here for this - It’s hard to imagine them being physically threatening as is - like, was the original ET just the bottom of the barrel? OR like daleks, we just pretend that stairs without a ramp wouldn’t defeat them.

I mean, it would be kind of a masterstroke if a movie could legit make them scary without changing the setup from the first movie.

Threatening waddling intensifies…


I remind you that E.T. was able to make a circular saw blade fly through the air with his mind. If you got one of those guys legitimately angry you’d have the ending of Carrie.


Reading the treatment, it sure seemed like he wrote it to get the studio execs to shut up and go away - I’m seriously doubting he had any intention of making this thing.

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Or Hellraiser — I seem to remember that actually happening in one of those flicks, with saw blades. :grimacing:

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Waddle waddle - ARROWED!

guardians of the galaxy GIF by Marvel


For that matter he wouldn’t even need to use a projectile. Any being that can levitate a group of people several hundred feet into the air can also drop people from several hundred feet in the air.

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