Easy hippy speedball: cannabis-n-coffee K-Cups

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Just checking, black guys still get fucked up if they caught with weed though right?

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A lovely concept but somebody needs to proofread that bit of copy. Combing -> combining? Extrication -> extraction? Maybe add a verb and punctuation to that 2nd sentence, too? Third sentence: is -> in? … Oh dear, maybe it’s time to break for a hippy speedball!


I thought hippy crack was nitrous oxide.

This could totally give some unsuspecting person heart palpitations that could send them to the emergency room…just because you can put cannabis into every conceivable food product under the sun doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

I don’t know, I’d rather not take a highly addicting, volatile, mood altering substance and add it to my weed…ba-dum-tsch…

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