Easy to install bidet at all time low price

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Got one of these 2 or 3 years ago and it’s pretty useful!


“Peanut butter out of a shag carpet.”

Well. That’s quite a description. Perhaps too good a description.


99 cent sport bottle of H2o can get that done too.


Someone’s been watching “The League”. Raffi FTW

Well if it was like wiping peanut butter off a linoleum floor then there wouldn’t be as much of a problem now would there?


No warm water? Barbarians!


I recently bought and installed a similar one. Tried it myself - a bit on the chilly side, but not bad. Mr. Wayward gave it suspicious looks for a day, but the next morning he’s in the bathroom, and I hear, “Oh, hell no!!!” I laughed until I cried.

(To be fair he did give it another chance, but, nope, he wasn’t having it. Now what do I do with it? Yard art?)

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I’ve used them on travels, but have never got a compelling answer as to how you dry yourself afterwards.

Have you ever tried to wipe peanut butter out of a shag carpet?

TMI, man. In every meaning of the word “carpet.”

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Too bad they are over $50 dollars on the Canadian amazon site! ;(

Man, I don’t know. I’m not sure I want a bidet that costs $18.73. I feel like I should pay more for something that’s going to squirt water up my ass.


Get that person some fiber!

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Maybe if you live in a basement, but if I lived in a place that could be ruined by leaky plumbing I would look for something that doesn’t have plastic valves and hoses. Check out the Alpha One for about $70. Works for me.

Mikey, as you knew him before he became (the former) Prisoner 972284, is lying foetal on the floor in front of some kind of antique machine the size of a washer/dryer. It’s clearly a plumbing appliance of some kind, enamelled in pale green trimmed with chrome, sprouting pipes capped with metal gauges and thumb-wheels that are tarnished down to their brass cores, the metal flowers of a modernist ecosystem. The letters CCCP and a red enamel star feature prominently on what passes for a control panel. Mikey is connected to the aforementioned plumbing appliance by a sinuous, braided-metal pipe leading to a chromed tube, which is plugged straight into his—

Stross, Charles (2011-07-05). Rule 34 (Halting State Book 2) (p. 9). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

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Fancy-pantsy ones have a blow dryer attached. Otherwise you just wait a few seconds and then dab dry with a fraction of the toilet paper you’d be using on the shag carpet.

Since this seems to be the third post of yours for discount bidets, may I humbly suggest that you alter your diet so that you regularly achiave a lower score on the Bristol Stool Scale when you move your bowels?

Aww man, is this gonna turn out to be one of them there connected gadgets that’s constantly uploading data to the bidet mother ship?

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Hmm, maybe with a dryer, but the other options are still unsatisfactory to me. Most of the ones I had used were attached to Chinese style toilets, and little more than a dish spray, so…