Washing beats wiping: bidets save trees and water


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@frauenfelder has had at least 3 posts over this year alone trying to get some affiliate revenue selling us bidets (I realize he’s apparently flush (no pun intended) with gadgets but how many freakin’ bidets do you need?):

And now this.

Why is BB so enamored with our assholes?


Usage question, somewhat rhetorical:

With the basic bidet unit, not equipped with fuzzy logic hot air blowing systems, how do you dry yourself off afterwards?

Toilet paper? If so, you’re still using TP. Maybe less so there’s that.

A special towel? (As deployed in the Italian hotel bathrooms I visited a few years back.) Those have to be washed. You need one per family member.

Great. Now remembering a grade-school joke about the guy who uses a woman’s toilet in desperation and falls afoul of the ATR button.


Just use both sides.


Nothing makes you feel dumber than approaching a bidet for the first time at the age of 25 and being like, how the hell do I use this thing?


Ran across one in a train station in Europe when I was kid, in the 70s. I immediately figured out its purpose, and told my mom “Hey, they got these fancy foot-washer things in the restroom!”

It’s actual purpose didn’t even occur to me.


Oh, its worse for me. I knew what bidets are for, I just couldn’t figure out how to mount the damn thing. I even considered side-saddle for a moment.

It was a total three seashells situation for me.


Everyone has one? If you can penetrate that market, a lot of money could be made.


i actually bought one of the linked ones a few weeks ago when they were on sale for $18. i’d been thinking about getting one for awhile, and at that price i couldn’t resist jumping in. i am not a super handy person with tools, but even i figured out how to install it in about 45 minutes.

as for using it, i’m now a total fan. it does take a bit of getting used to, the cold water isn’t as cold as you expect, and yeah, you need to use some toilet paper to dry off afterwards, but i know at least for me it’s less paper going down our old pipes in general and that’s a good thing right there.


It’s a tight market, though.


requires about 17.3 terawatts of electricity annually

I’m not sure I trust a report that doesn’t get its unit right. That’s power when it should be energy . 17.3 TWh maybe? 17.3 TWs?


This explains why we haven’t seen many goatse-related posts in a while.


True but anyone that can make a big splash will surely be noticed.


Im a big fan too. Although I think a nice fluffy personal towel beats tp.


The BoingBoing starter kit.


Don’t forget the steampunk cigar box guitar:

(I can’t believe this is a real thing)


Me too. Now I’m on the bumgeyser bandwagon.


anyone that can make a big splash

mind you don’t set yourself up for a “tragedy of the commons” type situation


i’m not at the towel stage yet. but that would be smart. hmmmmm.

i’m learning!


TP. Just a square or so. The cheap, room-temperature-water systems don’t eliminate wiping, they just hugely reduce it from “trying to get yourself clean with a wad of paper” to “daintily drying yourself a bit”.