This $25 bidet is amazing


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Washing beats wiping: bidets save trees and water

Need a version with a fitting for a CO2 cylinder, so you can have a effervescent tuchi shpritz.


Holey shit!


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The spice must flow …


but there’s something to be said for a refreshing blast of cold water.

No, there’s nothing to be said good about cold water blasting on your asshole. Well…maybe if you have a hemorrhoid.


Unless you have the very common fantasy of being Gulliver as the sexy Lilliputian firefighters arrive on the scene and…


That’s a thing, right?


There’s something to be said about cold water blasting on your ass: It’s sphincter-puckering


So it sprays toilet water on you?

Isn’t that how they assassinated that North Korean guy?


This is how Snopes Articles begin.


And that something is



Not sure about the unheated kind, but my work put in one of the full electric versions last year, and I fell in love. After just a couple weeks, wiping started to feel unspeakably barbaric. Unfortunately you need a GFI outlet near the toiler to make them work, so I haven’t been able to get one for home. Yet.


Utter nonsense.


I haven’t seen this for sale commercially, but a temper tank would do the job, wouldn’t it? Room temperature water would get you 90% of the way to happy, and doesn’t require any power.


I’m buying one of these to go with my illumibowl.


Registering now. :wink: Rule 34, yo!


I don’t even like washing my hands in cold water.


I know it sounds unlikely, but the cold water spray actually isn’t shocking or uncomfortable. We don’t have this particular bidet device, but we installed a “diaper sprayer” to use as a bidet years ago. Using anything else does feel disgusting now. Would you just wipe your hands off with paper if they came in contact with feces? Ugh. Also, we go through about one roll of toilet paper a year, between guests and using tp and windex on our various LCD screens.



As long as you’ve got a really reliable temperature sensor etc… Boiling hot water jetted into my anus would sure spoil my day.