Bidet kit for toilet just $22


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The warm water is well worth the upgrade. Some things aren’t worth cheaping-out.


I’d love one of these…but the "doesn’t have a warm water’ kinda kills the thrill.


I live in FL so the water straight out of the tap is not extremely cold, though I would not like a bidet “rinse” with it. I can only imagine what it would be like in the north in the winter…you could get frostbite.


What if I’m not flush with cash? :slight_smile:

#8 - just $3.52. And it has an ergonomically curved shape that’s more convenient to use.


Get used to cold water spray?

No, no you won’t.

Once you go Toto, you’ll never go back.

(I noticed when I lived in Phoenix that they often hook the toilets up to the HOT water supply so that the toilets don’t condense and drip in the air conditioning. Maybe a cheap, unheated squirter would work just fine there?)


I was browsing on Amazon for other brands and found this:

Heh heh. Fivanus.


Quite the opposite. A cold bidet stream gives me a lot more of a thrill than I usually enjoy.


I was much more intrigued when my tired eyes saw “Biden kit for toilet”. I don’t have any suggestions for what that would be.


It reaches up and gives you a couple of friendly strokes when you least expect it?


It’s more expensive, but worth it.


I’ve only used the cold water ones. Got no problem with with a “brisk” wash.


I have two things to say about this:

  1. Bidet’s rock.
  2. If you’re going to the trouble, spend a little more for the hot water version. You’ll thank yourself many times over.



I need this like I need water washing my ass.


Where is Bidet’s rock and what’s so special about it?


but you’ll get used to it.

That’s what tRump says.


You can bet your ass on that